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Building Energy Efficiency Partnerships for Affordable Multifamily Housing: 2015 and Beyond

This paper offers a snapshot of the resources devoted to promoting low-income multifamily housing energy efficiency retrofits; it describes many of the policies, public-private resources and partnerships influencing and funding the field in late 2014.
EB5 ESCO Finance Policy Proposal Report/Research Brief Retrofit Utility Allowance Utility Incentives & Programs

Show Me the Money: Energy Efficiency Financing Barriers and Opportunities

This paper briefly characterizes energy efficiency market sectors; describes the major players in the energy efficiency financing market; describes the key barriers facing each market sector; reviews primary internal and external financing strategies used by each market sector; summarizes our investor discussions; and offers conclusions and recommendations for catalyzing large-scale deployment of capital to the energy efficiency sector.
ESCO Finance Split Incentive

Clean Energy Finance 101

As innovative energy products and services come to market, so do new mechanisms to fund them. And existing funding options become more popular. This has resulted in a boom of finance jargon, especially regarding energy efficiency and renewable generation. Though many of the finance terms used in clean energy finance are similar to those used in traditional finance, it’s easy to get lost. We hope this glossary will help those in clean energy navigate the new and growing world of clean energy finance.
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